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Chihuahua is one of the dog breeds that you will love or hate. But come see that very few people can resist their albenis, or when they see them on the street, they can suppress their smile. Today we will learn more about this dog breed in both physical and spiritual ways. We have no doubt that you will fall in love with the Chihuahua!

The Home Of Chihuahua,

Although it has not been determined exactly where this breed of dog came from, all signs seem to indicate Mexico. He claims that these dogs were the ancestors of Techichis, a breed bred hundreds of years ago by Mexican Indians. Now, do you understand why there’s a state in Mexico called Chihuahua and even a city?

By the turn of the twentieth century, the inhabitants of a city in the state of Chiuahua began to sell these dogs. Although these dogs are indeed a mixture of the Techichi breeds, the city residents introduced them as the oldest Techichi dogs with Aztec characteristics. This was very pleased with American travelers and soon they named them “Chihuahua” because of the state they were in.

Character Properties

The best known features of these dogs are definitely sizes. These dogs are small, but also have a muscular structure. Her legs are thin, but also strong. Their heads are round and sometimes when you rate their bodies, they appear extremely large.

You can find almost any color of these dogs: white, black, dark brown, gold…


Some people think Chihuahua dogs are angry dogs. But this idea is far from reality. If they are properly bred, they can be very social and loving animals.

The Personality of a Chihuha varies depending on the people she lives with, i.e. her family and her environment. Chihuahua are perhaps loving animals, but they are notorious for their stubbornness and lack of support for their actions. In addition, observation skills are highly developed and if anything they do not like, they immediately escape from there. Finally, one of the most important features is that they love to be with other Chihuahua dog.

Special Care

There are many things to say about looking at Chihuahua. People have begun to believe that Chihuahua is very sensitive to their stomach this time, as is the case with other similar legends.

However, this breed does not need more or more special care than an ordinary dog. They like to run, play and be outdoors like other dogs. In addition, they are easily adapted to interiors. Only try not to spoil them too much. Or they might be a bit spoiled and whiny. Anyway, enjoy your relationship with Chihuahua!

Tips For Taking A Chihuahua

As you know, we are a proponent of animal ownership, but unfortunately, trading some dog breeds like Chihuahua is seen as a profitable business. Therefore, owning a Chihuahua can be very difficult and you may have to buy it.

But before you do, especially if you’re buying your dog online, we need to warn you about a few things. We do not recommend buying your dog from the internet because you can only experience love at first sight when you meet your dog face to face.

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