Funny Pictures From Cute Cats

Once you’ve become a cat lover, you can never give up that passion! When you find out this information, your admiration for them will be multiplied…

11 Information About Cats

1. Female cats use their right paws better, while male cats are mostly good on the left paws.
2. More than 17 percent of cat owners graduate from college.

3. Cats can’t distinguish dessert from food.

4. It is known that men with cats are better in love.

5. The brain structure of a cat is very similar to that of a man. The parts that produce emotions are the same.

6. Cats crawl into people and try to show their own territory.

7. The word” familurophilia ” is a combination of Greek family (house cat) and philia (friendship), meaning cat love.

8. People who have a cat have a third chance of having a heart attack or stroke compared to those who do not have a cat.

9. Cats IQ levels are lower than dogs, but they are better in solving complex problems than dogs.

10. Cats generally have low tolerance levels against lactose. So, stop giving them milk.

11. Contrary to popular belief, giving raw fish to cats is not good for them.

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