Poodle Dog and its features

Poodle dog breed is divided into three; standard, miniature and toy . It is known to be of French origin but is presented in different opinions on this subject. Originally used as a hunting dog.

Characteristics Of Poodle Species

It’s a very funny and lively breed, and they’re smart. He hears very well. It is a breed of dog that is very interested in its appearance and characteristics. Training is usually easy, a curious breed, but can be quickly bored so you can make it easier by giving short training without squeezing them too often. Because it has a cheerful and lively character, they also get along well with children. They can sometimes be aggressive to people outside because of the instinct to protect the family.

They love barking, so they should be trained as puppies. These dogs are suitable for taking care of the apartment when they are given training.

They like walking and exercise because they have a moving and playing structure. If you take a walk every day, you will have a happier and more peaceful pet companion.


It has long,curly, soft hair and should be maintained continuously. A comb that belongs to him must be taken and combed at least every three days so that the hairs do not circulate together and your dog is comfortable.

It is often necessary to have a bath, but if it is left wet, it may be sick, so it should be well dried with a towel if the environment is cold, it should be dried with a blow dryer.

You should shave at least once a year, but you can shave preferably every season. If these treatments are applied, your dog will not shed much hair as there will be clean and healthy hairs.


The first thing you should avoid when feeding your dog is animal bones and fish bone. The digestive system can cause tearing and irritation and even death of serious health problems in your dog, so you should not give pet bones to your pets and street animals.

These foods and drinks may cause the dog to have a stroke or death due to a number of ingredients they contain.

You can feed your dog with high quality food. The dog’s fo

Lifetimes Of Poodle Species

The breed of poodle, which is generally compatible and human-friendly, is among the most popular and preferred dog breeds. Their average lifespan varies between 10-15 years.

Colors Of Poodle Breed

Usually brown, black, white, gray, red, yellow, and dark yellow in color. They have different height and weight in three types of poodles.

Diseases Of Poodle Species

There are certain diseases and conditions that affect blood drums more than other races, such as Addison and Cushing’s, so you should know what to look for and how to prevent problems.

Symptoms such as itching, dry skin, or abnormal tubers require a visit to the veterinarian, while serious symptoms such as difficult urination, abdominal pain, discolored gums or cloudy eyes require immediate medical attention.

You should also note the symptoms of allergies. Poodles, especially a species that is prone to food allergies, but it is not itchy skin, ear infections symptoms such as excessive licking or to view knows. If you notice any of these problems, visit your vet.

Like any dog, having this dog will cheer your family and you.

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