Those who are curious about Labrador retriever

I wonder if we don’t find them cute. We’re talking about Labrador retrievers. In the past, these minnos, trained as fishermen, who love water, assist and saviors in fishing, today live with us as our furry friends in homes with their cute, healthy and intelligent structures.

Let’s just say they’re known by the name labroador, and let’s not extend the word anymore, and let’s begin to materialize what we need to know about them.

Labrador Retriever 12 real facts

  • Labrador breed dogs are American favorites.

According to the American Kennel Club, the breed was ranked highest in the most popular races for 24 consecutive years. The longest reign in the history of the AKC will understand the kind.

  • As we said above, Labradors were used primarily for fishing.

Labrador hunters were bred as excellent water dogs. It consists of a water-resistant double layer that provides isolation of the skins. Their short hair keeps them warm but does not hang down when it is wet. Curtain toes make it easy for them to swim fast. The fishermen used the dogs to get into the nets, rope between the boats and rescue the fleeing fish.

  • Their names are a little misleading.

Labrador retriever comes from Newfoundland, not Labrador. 18. great Newfoundland dogs in the 19th century, John’s water dogs were mated with smaller water dogs to produce. These little dogs were very similar to today’s Labrador, but they had white jaws and claws. St. John’s water dogs were extinct, but Labrador remained the ancestors of his prey.

  • He may have given them Malmesbury’s ear.

Earl brought these dogs to England after his trip to Canada. In 1887, the new pups were recorded as “Labrador dogs.” Since Newfoundland and Labrador are geographically close, many historians believe that it is the result of referring to dogs as Labrador in places where the British Live extensively. Others believe that the name is a result of the fact that dogs are usually seen swimming in the Labrador Sea.

  • Canadian tax laws have helped Labrador become a different breed.

In Canada, new taxes on dogs and quarantine animals imported to the United Kingdom, St John’s sale of Water Dogs has seriously stopped. Finally, in Canada, these original Labrador are extinct. However, the breed survived in Great Britain thanks to dog shelters in Scotland. Labradors were finally recognized by the British Kennel Club in 1903.

  • They’re fast!

Labrador retriever is known for his ability to run. They can reach 12 miles per hour in just three seconds.

  • You can have Labrador in three colors at birth.

A single birth, regardless of the color of their parents, may include black, yellow and brown offspring. There are two genes that cause pigmentation of the fur. For this reason, color variations can be as common as the different hair colors in a human family.

  • An anonymous black Labrador inspired a song by Led Zeppelin.

If you read the words of Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” song, you will find that mysteriously not all dogs. Because the band named the song after a black Labrador who toured the Headley Grange studio while recording Led Zeppelin IV.

  • A Labrador went to prison.

A black Labrador retriever, Pep, was arrested on bail after killing the cat belonging to the wife of Governor Gifford Pinchot of Pennsylvania. The dog was admitted to East State Prison on August 12, 1924. Pep, who was a good friend to the manager here, spent about 10 years in hard times. Although it may seem like a City legend, prison records support this story.

  • Another Labrador became mayor.

Yeah, he was an honorary mayor, but he did. Bosco, a black Labrador hybrid in 1981, was elected as Sunol’s honorary mayor. Bosco competed as a “re’upplickan” and used the slogan “one bone at every meal, one cat at every tree, and a fire tap at every corner.” Bosco remained mayor until he died in 1994.

  • The most common breed of Dogs is Labrador.

According to the Guide Dogs of America, 70 percent of the guide dogs are Labrador, 15 percent are golden Retriever and 15 percent are German shepherd dogs. It is said that Labradors are the best breed for this business because they have a high desire to please the owner. In addition, their dimensions are suitable for this and can be easily trained.

  • They can tell you if you have cancer.

Thanks to their strong noses, Labrador retriever was trained to detect early stages of cancer by sniffing. Working with cancer cell samples, dogs can learn to smell the disease. Dog doctors can diagnose by smelling the patient’s breath, blood or stool. The only known way to scan the first stages of ovarian cancer so far is to let a Labrador smell the patient. This application has very high success rates. Scientists believe Labrador can smell changes in volatile organic compounds that point to cancer.

Fortunately for people who are afraid of dogs, researchers are developing a machine that will do the sniffing job. Raising dogs is costly and they can only smell a certain number of samples per day. Therefore, it would be ideal to automate the process. An electronic nose is produced to reduce the cost of dog training.

Even if the phrase “use” means us, we have to explain the situation. In the end, humanity has always struggled with nature and benefited from our animal friends and received help from them.

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