Have you ever thought about what Fashion Week is and why it is so important? In this article you will find detailed information about fashion week, or even other things you may not know about this organization.

Fashion Week is an organization for exhibiting new collections of brands. Fashion Week, which is done twice every year, joins the most famous brands, as well as many brands that we have not heard of. The most famous Fashion Week cities are New York, London, Milan and Paris respectively. On average, only 25% of the four cities occupy luxury brands.

Fashion Week has a starting point. In France held a fashion show, 2. During World War II, The Americans and fashion workers were unable to go on the Press week. This important organization has been a good opportunity to remove fashion from the French influence and give American fashion designers a chance. New York Fashion Week starts with the name Press week and grows with the interest it sees over time and becomes its present. Famous fashion magazines such as Vogue start to include American fashion designers in their pages.


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