Morus nigra
Morus nigra

Black mulberry DUT dutgiller, whose Latin name is Morus nigra, is a plant species peculiar to the family. Its length can be up to 10 meters. Fruits are dark purple or black in color. Because the leaves are hairy, silk is not suitable for insect husbandry.

Black mulberry is among the most cultivated Mulberry species. Likes warm and sunny climates. But in order to grow, the annual rainfall should be at least 600 mm. For this reason, the places where the temperate and subtropical climate is seen are very suitable for land mulberry cultivation. Especially in the dry months last summer, irrigation should be done on a regular basis. It is possible to cultivate land mulberries up to 1500 meters from sea level.

Black dutun to grow in a healthy way soil should not be salty. Calcareous or sandy soils show the characteristics of growing. The most suitable soils for black Mulberry are loamy, clayey or sandy soils.

Due to the temperature averages, the Mediterranean region in Turkey is the most suitable place for black mulberry. If necessary irrigation is made in the South East Anatolia region can also grow land Mulberry. Turkistan, which is considered as the mother country throughout the world, is educated in large quantities in Iran and Iraq. However, the Mediterranean and subtropical climate is seen everywhere suitable for land mulberry cultivation.


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